Dear Customers, we constantly get the question about “how expensive it is to fix a Vespa”. 

It is hard to reply since it depends on what parts are damaged and how badly, however, a Vespa is a “big piece of metal” that cannot be fixed by simply replacing parts, therefore it needs to be brought to a body shop repair AND eventually some parts need to be replaced. That makes it, in so many words, EXTREMELY expensive to fix, twice as much as a normal scooter with plastic panels.

It is also worth noting that because of the geopolitical situation that started in 2021, most prices went up, all Vespa spare parts almost doubled up in price, and so did labour.  The pale blue Vespa that you see pictured here below cost about €1300,00 to be brought back to its original, shiny state. 

To be even more specific, every damage that involves a dent in the body will for sure go above €500,00 or €600,00, as in the picture below